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SeaMor Boat Trips

SeaMor Boat Trips
New Quay,

Tel: 07795 242445
Email: info@seamor.org
Website: www.seamor.org
Wildlife watching tours / research trips / snorkel tours New Quay (1.5 hrs): £15 for adults, £10 for childrenAberaeron (2hrs): £20 for adults, £10 for children.
As always spaces are limited so book in advance.

You can experience the wonders of West Wales, underwater or over the waves with our qualified team. Look for the dolphins onboard our wildlife watching and research boat Islander and learn about the dolphins and porpoises of Cardigan Bay and how you can help with their research and conservation! We carry a hydrophone (underwater microphone) and will show you how to listen to dolphins and porpoises every time we see them.

Learn to scuba dive, take a try dive or a guided underwater tour. Join us for a coastal excursion and jump, swim and snorkel from the boat or have a private picnic lunch on a remote beach! Our commercially coded and fully insured boat is also available for private hire, research, and media charter.

New Quay Wildlife Tours

Our team of scientists work with Bangor University and Sea Watch Foundation to study the distribution and sounds of porpoises and dolphins in the area. You too can participate on our surveys. We follow a strict code of conduct to protect these animals but will deploy a hydrophone every time we see them to listen to their clicks and whistles, allowing us to enjoy the encounters without disturbing their activities.

We offer exclusive tours with small groups to watch birdlife close up from a quiet, small boat with plenty of opportunities for photography. We keep a bird log of species seen and provide you with a good pair of binoculars and bird guides, so you can enjoy the seabirds at sea and peek into their nests on the cliffs without worrying about falling off the cliffs!If you are lucky you may catch a glimpse of deadly game as witnessed by Carl Stringer who wrote an article for Carmarthen Journal last month after seeing a grey seal catch and eat a thornback ray near Bird's Rock, New Quay! See the fantastic - never before photographed - photos on our Flickr pages!

Be amazed at the wonders of Welsh Waters and help us haul in a lobster and crab pot as our team conducts research into local crab and lobster populations to help develop sustainable fisheries in the area, with the support of the Cardigan Bay Fisheries Association.

We will deploy the hydrophone to listen to dolphins EVERY TIME we see them. All sightings will be passed onto research purposes for Sea Watch Foundation and Countryside Council for Wales.
Trip Times will vary so please call or email us for more information. We cannot guarantee dolphin sightings but will ensure you have a great day out with our qualified team.